Recent Changes to the Illinois Prevailing Wage Act

March 4, 2019


The Illinois Legislature recently passed Public Act 100-1177, which provided some practical amendments to the Illinois Prevailing Wage Act. One of the most direct impacts to units of local government is that they will no longer have to pass an annual Prevailing Wage Ordinance. In the past Illinois units of local government had to annually pass a Prevailing Wage Ordinance in the month of June adopting the prevailing wage schedule set forth by the Department of Labor’s as published on the Department of Labor's website. The statute has been amended to provide that the Department of Labor will be responsible for publishing and investigating the prevailing wage on or before July 15th of each year. This doesn’t relieve units of local government from paying the prevailing wage; however, it does relieve them from passing the annual Prevailing Wage Ordinance. Governmental units will still be responsible for paying prevailing wage as set forth on the Department of Labor’s official website. These amendments do not change the underlying requirements of the Act, but do lessen the administrative work that falls on each unit of local government. This Act goes into effect on June 1, 2019.


Christopher L. Siudyla

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